“FMT” - the fields FIMATEC continues to challenge.

FINEーvisual aids to the region's new era

As women put on makeup, paper puts on calcium carbonate. FIMATEC provides FMT Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate, a paper coating material. In order to create smooth beautiful “skin,” FMT products are comprised of extremely fine particles. The FMT series with fine particles are highly valued in the paper industry as products with high fluidity that can handle high-speed coating.

MATERIALーMaterials are carefully selected to achieve the highest quality

To maintain high quality FMT products, FIMATEC must begin with raw material (limestone), which is of high quality and high brightness, and which is also is easy to pulverize. In order to insure high-quality raw material, FIMATEC obtains the highest-quality limestone in Japan, and has also established a system to obtain a stable supply using our overseas network, by researching, excavating and analyzing mineral deposits.

TECHNOLOGYーoriginality in the possibility of a new challenge

Another element enabling FIMATEC to maintain the highest quality is its technology. For the development of FMT products, we have improved the fluidity of the slurry through our own technology, and lowered viscosity drastically.
Additionally, we have developed engineered products, which have evolved from our FMT series, and pigments for inkjet printer paper. Such product development to meet market needs is supported by FIMATEC's research and development structure. The technology staffs, who specialize in pigment characteristics of natural materials, are constantly working to develop new products using our accumulated technology.

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