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We have four bases in Japan, and constantly put all our efforts into meeting our customers' needs. We perform strict quality control, product improvement, and new product development at these bases.

Four factories which is on the country of FMT.

photo of Fuji plant

fuji plant

Started operation in April 1988.
The first factory to be opened. Since then, it has received high praise from our customers for its stable quality control.

photo of Soma plant

Soma plant

Started operation in May 1988.
Located in the Soma Chukaku Industrial Park , and produces highly functional products.

photo of Okayama plant

okayama plant

Started operation in October 1988.
Situated in a good location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, and provides a steady shipment of products.

photo of Akita plant

akita plant

Started operation in December 1990.
Operates as a base in the Tohoku Area.

malaysia office
Playing an important role to look after businesses in all over Asia.
F.M.T( thailand )Co.,Ltd.( singburi plant )
Started operation as a joint venture with Thailand and Indonesia in a suburb of Bangkok in 1996. As the economy develops, its operations are also expanding.
fimakem india ltd.
Established as a joint venture with Wolkem India Ltd. in 1997 and was the first Indian company to manufacuture Ultra Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate Slurries (WGCC).
PT. finexco prima( surabaya plant )
Started operation in April 1993 for technical cooperation with FIMATEC in Surabaya, Indonesia. Profits are increasing smoothly.
F.O.T. Ltd.( hokkaido plant )
Started operation as a joint venture with OG Corporation in 1996, utilizing our manufacturing technology.
specialty minerals FMT K.K.
Established as a joint venture with Mintech Japan in 1997 and the onsite plant to manufacture of PCC.
fimatec Co.,Ltd.
Ochanomizu Center Bldg., 5F 2-23-1 Kanda Awaji-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 101-0063

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